Security Skins a New Approach to Asset Marking




Security Skins a New Approach to Asset Marking

A Security Skin is a unique, yet simple product that is made up of a high polymer material that protects UV markings, and yet shows an element of tamper, as the skins fragment into tiny pieces when removal is tried.


This helps police identify possible stolen items with immediate results. A clear security skin label supplied with or without a template. Simply mark the clear (unused) area in UV, with ID names, codes, digits, house numbers & postcodes etc.


The UV Markings are protected with our high calibre skins, making it even more difficult to remove, and can be clearly seen using UV torches.


This standard label measures 60mm x 38mm and is available in quantities from 250+ (Other Sizes available upon request)

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Michael Keyte on 079088 53591