It's MINE Technology


Chips with Everything


Library books, school uniforms, trees, pets and even rare violins are among the everyday items already protected and identified by our microchip technology.

We've chipped scaffolding poles, house-bricks, power tools and overcoats; in fact the only thing that limits what can be chipped is your imagination.

Microchip technology is now available to everybody, and with It's MINE Technology, tags, recovering lost or stolen property is becoming easier by the day.


These tiny microchips are available with or without applicators to safely and easily protect anything soft or delicate, or as a 'Bag of Chips' - for installation into wood, plastic, metal, precious objects or pretty much any other material you can think of.

A lot of the time, because the chip is so small you can simply use super glue to keep it in place. You should use this approach when chipping your TV, computer, home cinema, etc. There are plenty of places where a chip could be concealed. Remember that the chip might have to be scanned, so avoid putting it where a scanner won't be able to get within about five cm of it.

Chipping your property is all down to your personal preference. The main reason that major bag and luggage manufacturers don't already use microchip technology is because the chip would need to be inserted as part of the manufacturing process.

Which means the chip would always be in the same place. Once handbag thieves know where a chip is located they have a much better chance of removing it, and that makes any bag fair game for the thief again.

The beauty of our system is that you get to choose where to chip your property.

For soft items, like bags, coats or furniture we recommend that the applicator is inserted in one of two ways:


Anchor points

We recommend installing your microchip behind any secure point on the bag, such as where the handle joins the bag itself. Many manufacturers supply leather tags with their bags. We do not recommend chipping these tags, as they are easy to remove or lose.

Every It's MINE security chip comes with an It's MINE hanging tag, available in a choice of black or white. For cases we also supply a high-impact adhesive sticker.

Please remember, the microchip applicator is sharp and could cause injury if improperly or incorrectly used. Please dispose of your used applicators safely and avoid them coming into contact with children



Between stitching

This allows the applicator to be gently inserted into an existing space in the bag, thereby avoiding any possibility of damage. This method generally allows for the chip to stay in place rather than move around inside the bag.

There are many good places for installation, such as where a pocket is stitched on to the bag, between the stitching on the handle or under the clasp or any permanent, stitched - on branding. We have also had success in chipping the stitching around the base of the bag.

Once your bag or luggage is secured with an It's MINE Technology microchip you'll need to register your number on the police National Mobile Property Register (NMPR) by creating a free account at

Secure your stuff now for as little as £9.99 ex vat & postage

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