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First App based professional security service

What is SoftAlarm?

Professional Mobile security services for Business Users and Consumers

Easy to Manage

Security services - On Demand

SoftAlarm is more price effective than traditional alarms


Instant Alarm

Large alarm button

Press the button for 2 second to trigger alarm

GPS location, speed, course

Supplementary alarm information

Location updated every 2 minutes


Alarm Information

Who triggered the alarm + mobile phone number?

Type of Alert (Panic Button, Safety Mode, Man Down, Man Lost)

GPS location, Time, Speed

Distance between alarm sender and receiver

Battery power of the mobile who sent the alarm

Additional Alarm information example


Safety Mode

Safety Mode enables the user to trigger a concealed alarm by means of one short and one long press on any volume key when the screen is black

The user can also trigger an alarm when the screen is locked


Man down

Calibrate first time use only

Trigger the alarm if the user is not moving for X minutes.

Period X programmed by the user

Man Down will play an alarm sound the last 15 seconds to alert the user

After that the alarm is sent off


Alarm Info-in-Mobile™
1. Map Information Alarm Info-in-Mobile™
1. Map Information

See Location of Alert, red pin

See Own Location, blue pin

See Receivers who have responded to the alarm, yellow pin

Automatic location updated to all Alarm receivers every two minutes.

May also be sent to central station.


Alarm Info-in-Mobile™
2. Alarm Information

Red SOS icon shows alarm is active

Shows Name of user, mobile number and reason code for the alarm + speed call button

Shows latest GPS location + shortcut to map

Shows latest GPS time stamp

Distance from to the user

Shows location precision

Under 100 m = GPS

Over 100 m = Cell ID

Shows the remaining battery capacity of the user that sent the alarm

Stop Tracking = I want to stop following this alarm


Track via Location Request

Sends a Location request to an Alarm contact

Displays name and location with green pin

Receiving Smartphone will respond

Android - Always

IPhone only if the SoftAlarm app is on screen

Integrity: The user is always notified in the notification field with vibration and Name of Alarm Contact that sent request


For More Information Contact:-

Michael Keyte on 079088 53591