NightWatcher NW200 Robotic Halogen Security Light White

The NightWatcher Security Light is a proven and effective method of deterring intruders from entering your home or business. The NightWatcher is a patent pending motion tracking feature, built into a PIR lamp. The NightWatcher NW200 detects motion within the 220° field of vision of the PIR and turns the lamp to point directly at the intruder. As the intruder moves across the viewing range, the motorised NightWatcher lamp head takes aim and follows, giving the appearance that they are being watched.

Price around £66.99 on Ebay

There is one NightWatcher NW300 comes with an indoor wireless audio alarm, to warn you when an intruder nears your property.

Price on Ebay £74.50


PIR Sensor Security Light + Wirefree chime 


Fantastic addition to every driveway.

Whenever the PIR detects movement

Within up to 12 meters from it

The light switches itself on

And you are being notified.

Many adjustable settings, easy to set up!



 Sends a signal to the plug in chime

This then makes a sound notifying you about the intruder.



- Wire free transmitter- 50 meters transmission range


- Audio Alert Floodlight with PIR & Chime
- Black Floodlight with Indoor Chime Plug
- 140 x 215 x 140 mm
- 150W Tungsten Bulb included
- Adjustable Time on, Lux
- Manual override facility PIR switching 2000w
- 140 degrees adjustable detection angle
- 12 meters adjustable detection range
- Test, 1-5minutes adjustable time
- Wire free receiver
- Plug through receiver
- Chime alert
- Quality clear sound
- Easy assembly
- Instructions included
For around £38.00


It's a light also takes a photo of anybody coming on to your property.


Security Lighting SD recording Camera

Fully Weatherproof

How it works - Each time the PIR movement sensor is triggered day or night the camera will either take a time and date stamped photo, two photos in succession or a 10 second video clip depending on settings.

There are more available.

Prices start from £70.00

''Not for sale via this website''