As you know there were a number of burglaries last year where they got through open windows no matter how small, for any reason if you leave the window open there is a device you can fit it is called a Jackloc it restricts the opening of the window. The cable is made of harden steel, so it would take some cutting.

Universal – Can be fitted to every type of window & door opening
Suitable for wooden, upvc, steel and aluminium materials
Available in two options - either key operable or permanent fixed cable.

The Jackloc is provided with hardened steel security clutch screws once fitted they cannot be removed.
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Most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves, so with a few simple measures you can help deter thieves from targeting your home.
The first thing a burglar wants to know there is anyone in. You can make more difficult for a burglar by:
Leaving lights and/or a radio on while you are out and using a timer switch if you are away for a few days
Opening your curtains and taking in newspapers, post and milk before you leave the house
Asking your neighbours or your neighbourhood watch coordinator to keep an eye on your home if you are going away.
Make your house look lived in - you can do the same for them when they are away.


Around the house
A third of burglars get in through a back window. Visible locks may deter some thieves as it means they have to break the glass and risk attracting attention. You can help keep out thieves by:
Fitting key operated window locks to all downstairs windows and easily accessible upstairs windows, such as those above a flat roof or a drainpipe
If you are replacing windows consider laminated glass

If your doors are not secure then neither is your home. Secure your doors by:
Fitting a good lock to all your doors- a five lever mortice lock is recommended
Patio doors should have special locks fitted to the top and bottom
If you are thinking of buying PVC or metal framed doors/windows, make sure they come with good built in locks and a fitted chain

Visible burglar alarms make burglars think twice. Get specialist advice.

Be aware of fire risks
As with all security measures, consideration must be given to the risk of fire and means of escape. Fit smoke detectors and make sure you can get out.