The UK National Property Register
Check the goods you are purchasing are legal!




The UK National Property Register
Create a free private and secure portfolio of all your personal property
If your phone, computer, bike or any registered item is lost or stolen, use immobilize to instantly tell police, insurers
And the second hand trade. This could help in the recovery of your property and help capture of the thieves.
The top 5 items most wanted by thieves
Portable computing devices
LAPTOPS: IPADS they are potable and can be sold on easily
SMART PHONES: Get your IMEI number of your phone which can be found by pressing the following keys on your handset *#06#. Your phones unique number the first thing police will check for when recovering property.
CASH & JEWELLERY: do not leave cash or jewellery lying around the house keep all valuables out of sight take photos of all your jewellery and mark your property
BICYCLES: mark your bike and purchase 2 good locks one D-lock / chain and take a photo
HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS: new home cinema type HD & 3D televisions sets are being stolen because they are valuable. Obtain a cope of the serial number of your tv/dvd, audio equipment, and computer and mark all your equipment.
GO TO and register your property.


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CheckMEND is  the world's largest database of stolen and counterfeit goods and disabled mobile phones; the information is updated in real time every few minutes by law enforcement, insurers, industry bodies and the public in over 40 countries.
For the first time you can avoid buying stolen, counterfeit or faulty goods by checking their history.
CheckMEND is the world's largest database of over 40 billion serial numbered items of property. For just £1.99 you can check the history of any item of property including laptops, mobile phones, Sat-Navs, gaming consoles, audio visual equipment, iPods, bikes and much much more
GO TO and see if the items you are purchasing are good and not stolen, counterfeit or faulty goods.

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