Most burglars will not break into an occupied house




New Fake TV Burglar Deterrent


Using super bright LEDs, the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device simulates the light and flickering of a real 27" HDTV while consuming up to 50 times less power. From outside your home, this fake tv gives the illusion that someone's inside, so burglars will go elsewhere. A built-in light sensor turns it on at dusk; you can set the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device to go off after 4 or 7 hours. The pattern never repeats itself, so from outside you can't tell it's not a real TV. Measuring just 3"W x 2-1/2"H, the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device is easy to set up anywhere in your home. Simply aim the fake tv at translucent shades, curtains or blinds so the light shows through the window; make sure the fake TV is not visible from outside. The Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device includes UL-listed AC adapter.Benefits of the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device: Super-bright LEDs are controlled by the fake TV's built-in computer to simulate scene changes, fades, and on-screen motionThe Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device uses about the same amount of power as a nightlight This fake TV has a built-in light sensor and timer, or you can leave it on all the time.


• Mains powered
• AC adapter included
• Super bright LED light - equivalent to a typical 27 inch TVHDTV
• Simulates scene changes, camera pans, fades, flicks, swells,
• on-screen motion and more
• Automatic shut-off
• Light sensor triggers Fake TV at dusk
• Two settings: 4 hours and 7 hours
• Deters burglars
• Peace of mind while you are away
• Use any time you are gone for the evening
• Perfect for holidays
• Make it look like someone else must be home in the next room, even when you are alone
• Make a holiday home or vacant property look lived-in
• Fake TV Burglar Deterrent - Great Way to Alarm Burglars and Make Your Home Safe

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