Alarms you can buy


Detects vibration of the entry and send an alarm to scare the intruder
Switch on the alarm and it will be on alert in 15 seconds.

(The beep sound is over 110DB)
If the vibration continues, the alarm will sound again.
When the sound is low, please replace the battery, if long time no to use, please remove the battery.
Powered by: 9-volt battery powered (not included)

Good for patio doors, back doors and windows

These alarms are very sensitive

 Price of alarm £4.00



Simple to operate and easy to install

Wireless Vibration Alarm with infra - red remote control

120bd alarm sound which can last about 20 seconds

Remote control range is up to 20 meters

Powered by a DC9v battery (not included)

Good for patio doors, back doors and sheds

These alarms are very sensitive

Price of alarm £6.00


Dual function alarm & door stop great safety and security device at a very reasonable price. Extra loud alarm-sounds a loud 120db siren when protected door is opened acts as a door wedge to stop an intruder from entering. Wedge shaped door stop design prevents further entry the harder they push. Inexpensive and

portable solution for hotel doors,

offices, dormitory room entrances or your home. Bottom of the alarm has anti-slide pads to hold it secure.

Uses a 9v battery not included

Price of alarm £3.50


Wireless Vibration Alarm with

infra-red remote control

Simple to operate and easy to install

Perfect to protect your shop, office , home or anywhere

requiring protection.

Alarm with on/off switch, and remote control with alarm and disarm

buttons for easy operation.

120db alarm sound which can last about 40 seconds.

Remote control range is up to 20

meters. Remote control with key ring and clip easy carrying.

Powered by a 9v battery

(not included)

Price of alarm £6.00


Heavy Duty Steel Padlock with Built-in alarm

This Heavy Duty Steel

Padlock is ideal for sheds,

caravans, gates, bikes,

motorcycles and tools etc. Any

attempts to tamper with the padlock will activate a

piercing alarm to ward off thieves or vandals

Price of alarm £9.50



Touch Door handle Entry Alarm Alert Security Anti Theft

Just hang on the inside of the door knob switch on. If any one touches the handle a piercing alarm will scare off any

unwanted intruders leaving you and your home well protected.

120db supper loud alarm


Powered by a 9v battery

( not included)

Price of alarm £3.50



Home Security Motion Sensor Alarm Infrared Remote

Alarm sound level: 105db

110 degree wide angle

Remote control distance: more then 10-30 meters 9open land)

Detection range: 2-4 meters distance, angle of 110degrees.

Working voltage: DC 6V

The motion detector power by 4 AA batteries ( not included)

Price of alarm £6.50


 Drive way alarms


Starts from around £15.00

Easy to install, no wiring required

Wireless and weatherproof PIR motion sensor

No mains power required

Completely portable

Wide range of uses (home, business, office, warehouse, garden, garage, shed, boat, caravan, shop, goods yard etc.)

Full instructions included

Technical Specifications:


Power Requirements: 3 x AAA batteries (not included) some need a 9v batteries

Can also use a DC power adaptor (not included)

PIR Sensor Viewing Area: Approx. 100° horizontal

PIR Sensor Range: 24ft/8m approx.

Transmission Range: 368ft/120m approx.


Power Requirements 3 x C batteries (not included)

some need AA batteries

Chime Volume: 90dB approx.

 There are more out there